Femdom Wedding Night

Strap-On Marriage Story

“I now pronounce you husband and wife…you may kiss the bride.”

As My new husband lowered his lips to mine, I could not prevent a small secretive smile from appearing on my lips. I looked around at our assembled families as we walked down the aisle and wondered again why I had bothered to invite these people. They only came for the free food. But I had had the wedding I wanted. I looked fabulous in my long form-fitted white gown. My hair curled above my head and held back with a sparkling tiara. A long veil flowing backward from it. I carried a huge bouquet of red roses. It was a small intimate evening wedding in Las Vegas, where we would spend the weekend before embarking on our honeymoon.

Several hours later after dinner, cake, and champagne I was sick of all the wedding nonsense. All the fake affection from a group of people who couldn’t care less whether I live or die. They had all already assumed I would be an old maid, even though I am not yet 30. I leaned over to my husband and whispered that I was ready to leave. He swallowed hard and nodded his agreement. Now my fun and his ordeal would begin.

When we decided to marry he was aware that it meant he would be accepting his place as my property. We said our good-byes and entered the elevator. We rode to our floor in silence. I slid my hand down his back and gripped his ass. He gulped again. We arrived at the door to our suite and he took the card out of his pocket and opened the door.

“Take off your clothes and leave them out here. Wait at the door to the bedroom on your knees with your hands behind your back. I will call you when I am ready for you.”

With that command I disappeared into the bedroom and closed the door. I went around the room and lit the candles that I had prepared before leaving for the ceremony. I sat in front of the mirror and removed my veil and tiara allowing my long dark hair to fall down around my shoulders. I stood and removed my gown and hung it carefully in the closet. I stood in my pure white corset and tiny white g-string. I am now ready. I call for my slave.

He enters the room on his knees with his head bowed. I order him first to the nightstand. On it I have made a makeshift alter. A picture of Kali, my goddess, sits surrounded by candles. Incense is burning to honor her and invite her presence at tonight’s ritual.

“When you became my husband today, you were also taken as Kali’s husband. Tonight you will enter our realm…you have given yourself to us and there is no going back. You’re place is at my feet and that will be your only purpose for the rest of your life. I did not tell you before, but when we return from Europe next month, you will quit your job and devote yourself to me.”

“But…” My hand shoots out and cracks him across the face. “I did not give you permission to speak slut. This is not open for discussion. I decide what you do. I own you. After tonight, you will be in no doubt about that. Now, I want to inspect what I own.”

I reach over on the table and put on a pair of rubber gloves. I approach my slave in an almost clinical manner and begin to inspect him. I look in his ears and through is hair, I open his mouth and look in, reaching my gloved hand in to move his tongue. Much the way one would inspect a horse or dog. I feel his muscles and genitals. Every inch of him is touched. I order him onto the bed, on his knees, face down and I reach for the lubricant. I pour a liberal amount onto my index finger and reach out to spread his ass cheeks. I slide my finger slowly into his tight asshole. It is still as tight as the day I first met him. I know he is an anal virgin. Of course I have touched him everywhere before, but this inspection is for mental affect. I want to make it clear who owns him and can look at and touch any part of him in any way at any time. I start to slowly finger fuck his ass.

Pulling my finger out, I add more lube and then proceed to push two fingers into his tight opening. My little slut whimpers. I am not sure whether from discomfort or pleasure. Probably both. All I know is that the sound make me wet. I start to thrust a little faster, pushing my fingers in as deep as they will go. His eager hips push back onto my hand. I smile to myself. I know what buttons to push to make him helpless. I shift my fingers to make sure that they are rubbing against his prostate and he moans, thrusting harder against my hand. Suddenly, I yank my fingers out of him. He cries out in protest and I wickedly laugh. “Come on, you didn’t think I would make it that easy for you did you?” Turning away from him, I whisk off the gloves and toss them in the trash.

“It is important that we begin this marriage on the right foot and I don’t think we can do that unless we establish who is the unquestionable boss. But I am doing this for your own good. I know that the world has filled your head with all kinds of nonsense about what a ‘real man’ is and how he behaves. I am going to remove all those thoughts from your mind. Never again will you question your place in the world. There will probably be times tonight when you will hate me. But down the road you will thank me for making your life easier.”

Reaching down I grab a handful of his hair and pull his head up. I shove a ball gag into his mouth and securely fasten it. I pick up my favorite crop and approach my favorite target. “Reach between your legs and cover your balls. I want them protected…for now.” My little pansy quickly obeys. “I know that you know better than to try and move away from me and the whip…” Raising my arm, I bring the crop down onto his ass. He moans, but doesn’t move. He can be so obedient at times. >;-) I continue his whipping for quite a long time, all the while telling him what a worthless sack of shit he is, how his only value comes in serving me. The welts on his previously white ass are arousing me to the point where I must stop or I will ruin my fun.

Out of breath I toss my crop aside and order my slave onto his back. He quickly complies although I know it must hurt like hell for him to lay on his freshly whipped ass. Going around the bed I pull up the restraints that I placed there earlier and tie him securely to our bed. Reaching over onto the nightstand I pick up a sound I had placed there. From the look on his face I know he did not notice it earlier. Looking into his eyes I see the first stirrings of real fear. Good. He should be afraid of me. All the times I have told him that I hold his balls in my hand and can crush them whenever I want, I don’t think he really believed me. Dumbass. Too late for second thoughts now. He is desperately shaking his head and trying to talk through the gag.

“Didn’t we agree that when I married you that you would become my unconditional property? Didn’t I warn you about all that could mean?” I wait for his grudging nod. “We can stop this right now. I will untie you. I will get dressed and I will walk out that door. I don’t think even you are so arrogant that you would believe that you could ever be satisfied with anyone else. We both already know that I possess your soul. Without me you are nothing. All you would ever achieve is empty sexual gratification. Once your slime had shot itself out, you would be left alone. No one will ever understand you and accept you the way that I do. Make your choice. Do you surrender or do I walk?”

As I made my speech he began to weep. I reach down and take off the gag. “Choose.” Crying even harder now he doesn’t answer. Grabbing his hair I force him to look up into my eyes. I see the stark terror in his as his ego is trying to make it’s last stand. I know he can see in mine that I am deadly serious. “Choose now.” After a few more seconds of silence, his whole body starts to tremble and defeat enters into his facial expression. I know I have won. “You,” he whispers in a voice I have to strain to hear, “I choose you.”

I begin to giggle as a ‘naughty girl’ smile lights up my face. “I never doubted you would, you pathetic little maggot. You can’t live without me. Open your mouth.” He looks startled for a moment, but obeys. I spit into it. He confirms his surrender by swallowing my spit and whispering “Thank you Goddess.”

“Now where were we?” Ah yes, I grasp his cock, which has shriveled in fear. It’s so cute the way it tries to hide and I squeeze the head to make the slit open. I take the lubed sound and begin to penetrate the hole. Very slowly. He’s so tense at first. Finally he begins to relax and I work the sound in deeper and deeper. My little whore, eager to be fucked in any way begins to respond and his cock starts to grow, making it easier for me to penetrate. Once he has taken the entire length of the smallest sound I know he wants more. But I remove it from him and place it on the nightstand. “Not tonight slut. But over the next few months we are going to stretch you enough to take my index finger.” Again his answer was the quiet, reverent “Yes, Goddess.”

Confusing him yet again, I walk around the bed and untie his bonds. “Kneel on the floor facing the alter. Place your hands behind your back. Think about what it means to belong to Me…and to Kali.” He complies and I leave the room. When I return a few minutes later, I have shed my g-string and put on My strap-on.

With a decent size 7 inch ‘cock’ jutting out from it. No need to rip him open. This time. “Turn and face Me slut. I believe it is traditional for there to be a loss of virginity on the wedding night. So in keeping with that tradition, I will be initiating you as a whore for Kali tonight. After I fuck you, you will never again be able to say no to any cock I put before you. No matter what it is attached to. No matter how big, small, smelly, hairy, or gross. Now show me what a good little cocksucker you are.”

My little whore comes forward and places his lips against my cock. He licks around the head and down the shaft before returning to the head to begin taking it into his mouth. “Wait slut. I want to get comfortable.” I push his head away and go sit on the edge of the bed. I motion him over and he returns to his sucking task. I watch his head move up and down and am proud of him for working to improve his deep throating skill without me even having to prompt him. As he sucks I tell him about how I will stretch his ass in the month we are away and that before we return home, I will have fisted him.

I reminded him that once he feels my arm in his ass, no cock would ever satisfy him again. I let him suck my cock for a little while longer before I lift his head. I stand in front of him and turn around. “Untie my corset with your teeth and then remove it.” He does as he is told. I turn and take the corset from him. “Lay on the bed.” As he does that I put the corset on a chair in the corner. Turning back around I walk toward the bed. His eyes are riveted on the cock that I am bringing closer to him. I lie down on the bed next to him and take him into my arms. He stiffens slightly and I am sure this isn’t really what he expected. Pushing his head back onto the pillows I lean over him and begin to kis

s him deeply. Once the surprise is over, he responds with increasing passion. I notice it is an odd sensation for each of us to have rock hard cocks that are pressing into each other. Finally I roll away and pick up the lube. I cover the dildo and kneel between his spread legs. Pushing his ass cheeks apart with my hand I line up the head of my cock with his tiny virgin asshole. Applying steady pressure I begin his initiation into his new life. When my cock is about halfway in I look up into his face and see the intense pleasure written all over it.

Grasping his hips I suddenly plunge the rest of the cock into him. Instinctively he wraps his legs around my waist. Laying over him I wrap my arms around him and pull his mouth up to mine, shoving my tongue down his throat with each thrust into him. I am beyond control now. Fucking him harder and harder. Using him as the whore he is. I bury my face into his shoulder. I can hear him begging me to fuck him more. The greedy little slut. I feel a huge orgasm approaching and I slam the cock deeper and as I peak I bite into his shoulder. I know I have broken the skin as I taste blood but both of us are too far gone to care. I take a few moments to rest. My cock still buried in his ass, his cock rock hard and twitching against my stomach, my mouth sucking drops of blood from the wound I have inflicted. Finally I push myself up and look down into his dazed face. I reach between my legs and release the dildo from the harness. I tell the whore to clamp the muscles down and hold it inside him. Rolling over I remove the rest of the harness and drop it on the floor beside the bed.

I lay down on my back and instruct my newly broken in whore to kneel beside me on the bed keeping the dildo in his ass. I reach my hand between his legs to his ass and begin to slide the dildo in and out very slowly. “Do you know what I am cunt? I am everything you have ever or will ever need. I am your Goddess, your owner, your wife, your lover, and your mother. I give you life and one day I will give you death.”

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